Electronic Locking Systems

Flex Connect Delta 2.8

This software system is a comprehensive all-in-one package that gives users complete control of their in‐field infrastructure.

The system includes:

  • Strong server/database backend software to allow a seamless connection to the controllers in the field
  • Built for purpose desktop and web client to perform all actions required
  • Secure web service to allow seamless third party integration into the system


  • Remotely open / close enclosure via secure web service interface
  • Remotely reprogram HID/RFID keys
  • Live enclosure monitoring via mapping interface (GPS plot)
  • Live two way remote electricity meter communication (time of use billing support)
  • Live HID/RFID key activity reporting and monitoring
  • Live alarm reporting, monitoring and configuration
  • User audit reporting
  • Device status reporting
  • Enclosure auto commissioning
  • Commissioning and work order history reporting
  • Remote firmware upgrading